I doubt he thought it through and will more likely row back on it when he does.


What the ■■■■

Bunch of fuckin loolahs


Bloody hell. It’s not just isis who are mental.


Commitment ceremony? Jesus Christ, the irony !


There is no hope for them. They are completely nuts.


Reminds of that Planet of the Apes film where they worship the nuclear bomb.


Attaboy Don great work


Trade war anyone?



Donnie’s not going to be happy his favourite is being dragged into this now


Markets fall as Trump says trade wars are ‘good and easy to win’ - business live

Astonishing. Oh and apparently he has changed his tune on guns already (after meeting the head of the NRA).


This sounds an awful lot like insider trading


Ordinarily this would be a scandal. In trumplandia it’ll barely get a mention.


By dumped are they saying he sold that amount in shares ?




Helping out his pals , some man for one man . The rich get richer …eh .


Anyone who thought he would do anything else is a fool.


I’d forgotten about this


Uh this sounds like extortion

Weeks after those meetings Jared and others backed the Saudi led blockade against Qatar


Subtle targeting and messaging from the EU

Harleys are made in Wisconsin where Paul Ryan is from.

And Bourbon of course if from Kentucky which is where Mitch McConnell is from.

That’ll hurt the economies in their respective states. EU basically telling them. Don’t ■■■■ with us it’ll hurt you more than it hurts us :+1:


Ho ho , nicely done :grinning: