Not necessarily … the turnout in that referendum was just 33.5.% … and even then 42% were against it …


Having another meltdown on Twitter


Yeah it was on a Saturday and too many were too busy shopping to vote


Wonder if voting was contingent on paying a certain amount of tax ( like in some counties) would they be rushing home as quick


They open at 7am and close at 10pm - that’s a lot of shopping.

You rightly point out that we are apathetic in our approach to electoral democracy but my point is that we are equally apathetic - if not more so - in terms of constitutional change. Table linked outlines % turnouts … less than elections in the main.


There’s too many jaysus elections/votes these days - they need to cool the jets.

I’m with Brenda from Bristol


Oh no and he was so close to getting peace in the Middle East :cry:


it is all becoming very obvious isn’t it?

Jared took some Russian loans in exchange for easing Russian sanctions.


Did so without his father in law’s blessing? They also took dirt on Clinton (emails hacked by Russia) also with trump’s blesses. He firststarted shiting in about her emails the very evening after the dodgy meeting between jr & the Russian intel officers. It is plain as the nose in your face.

Since then they, and the gop, have committed several counts of obstruction. Attacking democrats, intelligence agencies and the media. Funnily enough he has had a pop at everyone except Russia & putin despite the now indisputable evidence that Russia ran intel ops to sway the election.


The Manchurian candidate is inserted in the white house.


Meuller is cooking with gass


Jesus. And I used to love that country. God help them all!


Someones obviously handing over the goodies if he’s getting all those charges dropped




But of course

Fuckin parasites


Yeah let’s arm the teachers. What could possibly go wrong ? Oh!



She’s gone apparently. Trump after sessions again now. What a fecking shambles.


Credit where it’s due. I hope it’s not just lip service and that he doesn’t back down from this stance.


Iwonder did he even plan that? Will he follow through when it loses him elements of his base? If he does then fair play indeed.