I thought this was a joke but this is an actual nra video


Sherrif throwing the officer under the bus


Good grief…
However bad Trump is, I don’t even think HE could stoop this low. The President of a NATO-member country, at that.


Peas in a Pod. Erdogan and Trump. Both egotistical pricks who’ll run their countries into the ground


he can run his country into the ground just hope the EU never let them in.


Oh I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. The Dutch and the Germans aren’t big fans of his.


He does a lot of the same rubbish trump does only trump isnt allowed arrest the press … yet


Tough shit love. You can be either one or the other not picking and choosing which one when it suits you.


Yep I’m sure Captain Bone Spurs the five time draft dodger would have done exactly that.





This anti nra movement is growing legs by the day



Oh good the Saudis gaining the potential to have nuclear weapons. What could possibly go wrong




did you see trumps lawyer saying the president might be ‘too busy’ to be interviewed by Mueller. The president who golfs every weekend … even fox can’t square that circle. But surely they know that means he will be subpoenaed?



All those companies cutting loss making discounts to the NRA like theyre fecking heros, and people cheering them on lol

the reason why nothing will change over florida is because of those teenagers who are marching only a small proportion will end up voting in elections, and untill there is a massive actual voting demographic who oppose gun laws nothing will change.

its the same here, we love voting for childrens rights in a referendum, for marraige equality, maybe repealing the eighth, but we keep electing governments who do nothing in their programmes to actually give substance to these ideas. Its virtue voting.

Comin home to vote for the 8th, yaaa, we’re so fucking cool. No, we couldnt be arsed coming back for the general election sure the same crowd always gets in and sure arent they the reason why we left in the first place…


Certainly an element of truth to that.


I’m happy enough if it hits the nra in the pocket .