Marco still getting roasted by the teenagers :fire::fire::fire::fire:


At least Rubio showed up. Trump simply won’t answer anything even resembling a difficult question.


the NRA/GOP/Trump have their scapegoat.

“If he had the guts to get in there with his gun this would never have happend”


Of course it really just highlights the issue with their solution. Humans. The only real solution is visible in the rest of the world (no guns). If schools are locked down it’ll be concerts. Bars. Churches. Etc etc they’re all hit regularly enough anyway.


“robots!! we need robot security with guns!!”

these guys must think robocop and terminator are real.

My solution is actually more obvious and achievable - make gun owning compulsary.


Just thinking outside of the box here for a second but wouldn’t the black market take care of getting guns if there were stricter laws . I think the mentality has to change as well . People defending the ownership of guns must have no problem whatsoever taking a human life . They can justify it by saying they were defending themselves. And then use the constitution to back it up . That’s why it’s such a problem there unlike other first world countries .


So… just when there seems to be the possibility of dialogue between North and South Korea (and you would imagine, by implication, the USA and possibly Japan), Trump goes and does this…

He is turning into a war monger.


the black market one is a funny one, some guy on newsnight saying that people can get drugs if they want them so banning guns won’t work. I could buy drugs handy enough, if i wanted them but i would have no idea where to go about getting a gun.


You’d have no problem in Cork with all those “rebels” down there :laughing:


[quote=“Tayto, post:3073, topic:1349, full:true”]

Sure why not go the whole hog then, and say people will always murder other people, so there’s no point in having a law against it?


I don’t get why everyone ignores the “well-regulated” part of the second amendment. Surely that’s government license right there to, well, regulate, gun ownership any way they see fit?


Another bites the dust


You’ll have to enlighten me on that part .
It doesn’t seem to be properly.


Can see in a few weeks this guys suicide being reported especially after The Don called him a coward publicly


Senior European politicians. Wonder who they are. Schroeder has dealings in Eastern Europe.

Could Nige be classified as a senior European politician :thinking:




Those psychopathic scumbags care more about their guns than people. A black guy who was a card carrying member of the NRA was shot and killed by the cops in an open carry state and they said nothing about him. I wonder why :thinking::thinking:


They really are g##bags


The power of Twitter

Have a read through the timeline of this tweet .
One tweet resulted in over 175,000 complaints been made to amazon for them running an NRA channel on their platform .