I honestly think America is fooked. They’re usually only a couple of years ahead of us. So prepare for an Taoiseach Bill Cullen and his penny apples for a great Ireland campaign


Christ what a bunch of paranoid freaks the NRA really are.

Almost as if they’re afraid of the Feds uncovering something illegal :thinking::thinking::thinking:



Not paranoid. Creating a diversion. Anything to undermine any debate


Hoo boy somebody’s looking at some significant jail time


Good job the teens weren’t armed.




Pressure on him to flip, problem is he’ll pee of putin if he sings. Could meet a grizzly end.


Funny you say that

Basically Manafort is fucked either way


So no plea bargains or WPSs? You couldn’t trust anything that we will hear about what will come to pass. I could imagine for example someone who looks like someone else being shown going into prison when in fact…


On here you mean yeah? Agreed.

There’s a few lads here need to swap their James Bond box sets for the Fr Ted series … just to bring a bit of sanity/reality to their overcooked minds … :roll_eyes:



That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.

But then you have Mainstream media pretending to be news, spreading conspiracy theories as fact.

Really their broadcast laws need an overhaul because while our media put a western slant on things and ■■■■ up all the time, they’re literally not in the same league as fox. It’s crazy the stuff they come out with.

Take trump’s whole birther movement. how did that last as long as it did? Here’s you’d be sued for libel and that would shut you up but over there people can just spread lies over and over and over and eventually people believe it.


Imagine it happening here . We would see it as it is , a tragedy . Not looking for reasons why people are protesting against gun control . The relationship with guns over there is terrible . My neighbor is a war & gun enthusiast . You know how he gets his kicks , he’s goes out once a week for Airsoft War Games . Loves it . If you make guns easily available your going to have situations like we’ve seen .
Their constition has alot to blame for this .
Heres the wording of it regarding guns

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It bears no relevance to life today unless we have a Red Dawn situation or America is ever invaded .




Resigned before he could be suspended.
Think his nerve went ?


Probably had a handgun v an assault rifle.


Deputy Scot Peterson has resigned after being suspended, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.


This guy had nothing yet showed more courage .

I’m not going to point fingers at the officer as who knows what you would do in a similar situation . But it’s what he signed up to do , provide some sort of protection for the school . But not against something like this .


It’s different to try and save kids if you are in the middle of a shitstorm. entering the shitstorm is a different thing. no doubt he’ll be lambasted from pillar to post but when the shit hits the fan, everyone reacts differently. Some people simply freeze.

Also one of them is still alive. The other is dead.