Look at the picture… I bet he chose who sat next to him… probably thinking of who his next wife will be…


What a thoroughly obscene country.


CNN had a townhall type meeting in Parkland last night in relation to the shootings. By all accounts Marco Rubio got eviscerated by young and old. Fully deserved. In fairness to him at least he turned up to take his beating unlike the Governor of Florida who hid like a coward


This gets even weirder with the murderers guardian.
She has the other son committed to a mental hospital right before he turns 18 . The two boys were set to inherit in the region of $800k from their adoptive mother’s estate . Now yer wan wants to take control of that .


That’s very bizarre.

I wish people would stop using that term ‘shooter’, it’s like a video game word. It’s ‘murderer’.


Your a very pedantic individual :laughing:. I tried to appease you in the footie thread & now this :laughing:


I mean it in general, it’s very widely used and I just hate that sort of stuff. I’ve said it before, it’s the way the gun fraternity in the USA and beyond have manipulated the narrative, including the language. Shooter means little, murderer means murderer.


Unbelievable. Arm the teachers. Yea great plan!


Put on more security in the schools with people who are fully trained . What if a teacher doesn’t want a gun or against them . Will they be forced to be trained in fire arms use & situations like this . Bonkers altogether.


Can you imagine a fragile teacher that ends up with a class of lunatics making her life misery every day with a gun in their desk??


Even worse , teachers going on rampages ! Or what if a student knows where the gun is & decides they want to go mental . Do they still have the metal detectors & searches going into schools over there ?
Or are these only in schools that have incidents like this ?


Imagine the sexually frustrated Christian Brothers were armed. Carnage.


Imagine arming Alan O’Connor… Jesus wept!


Their guns were already fully loaded.


Both barrels… Matron


Imagine if Paul ‘Bogman’ Galvin had of had something more powerful than a duster :open_mouth:


Lucky he got out in time .


He’d still miss…

Clucko on the other hand…
They’d be history before they entered the postcode!!


What a vile bitch

All because she had her arse handed to her by teenagers last night on CNN


Oh no those dastardly teens