Once Upon a Time in America … you just gotta back Woods man.




Which in turn potentially exposes Kelly to blackmail as well


Yeah … blackmail. This dude has Michelle O as his pinned tweet. He’s an Aussie too. I love impartial reporting. It’s like tweeting something from Woolberto to prove your point.

After 5,468 tweets on this thread that DT is going down, that this is the big one, that the game’s up, our superhero Donny continues to MAGA. There is nothing of substance other than more jobs, a thriving economy and all boats being lifted. Can’t wait for the parade …


Said all along this is going to take time. Very difficult to investigate a us president who is determined to obstruct the investigation. With a gop controlling the house elements of which are seemingly determined to create smoke screen at every turn.

Created less jobs than obama by the way, but drive on! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thing with trump is , he’s made / making alot of enemies. I wouldn’t be surprised if when out of office somebody decides to open up more investigations on him . I don’t know if it’s possible but I wouldn’t be surprised by it either .


He has given more jobs in the White House in one year than Obama gave in the whole nation in eight years… It’s just that most of them haven’t lasted too long.




Says the man who led chats of ‘lock her up’? Hypocrisy much?


These coincidences are enthralling. How DJ had nothing to do with them is miraculous.


… just more lies on top of other lies, lie lie lie lie, lies.


Ah stop, lawyers the world over are known for paying out huge sums of money out of their own pocket on behalf of their clients.


yea, to porn stars, for innocent reasons.


Another school shooting in America. No doubt we’ll hear about Thoughts and Prayers from GOP politicians but that now is not the time to talk about gun control


There have been a crazy number since January.


It’s very simple. They value the right to bear arms above children’s lives. Simple as. And it’s not going to change.

They should be ridiculed ad infinitum for it.


As predicted…

They can go ■■■■ themselves. They’re better off not saying anything because those words are absolutely meaningless.

He’s not wrong



15 dead