This is hilarious if it’s real :laughing:


For those that can’t access YouTube



Like when Darth Vadar took off his hemlet, as we used to say.

The way he slows down you know he’s thinking ‘ah bollocks’.


Sweet suffering Jesus for a supposed “Businessman” he has ■■■■ all knowledge of how the stock market works


Good god. what’s even going on there!?


He is right, in a way. Stock markets plummeted over the last few days on the back of strong, economic data on wages and jobs coming out of the USA. This fuelled speculation of a rise in US interest rates, causing the Stock Markets to fall in what a lot of economists around the world acknowledged to be more of a correction.


Careful Beeko, POSITIVE!


Ah the "Couldn’t possibly racist he had black friends’’ defence…


In the nonsensical way of capitalism, that makes sense.


Naughty stool for you boy.



The Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden


This the guy who’s army mates accused of lying and who was charged with dui?


Second largest drop in history today.


Artificially high. Good to see some correction coming back into an overinflated Market. Well done DT. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Looking forward to heading over for the parade.


If he said it was a correction, that’d Be fine, but he was shitting on about it going up all the time as if it was all down to him.


Looks like we have our own James Woods here :laughing:


Woods is mental :joy:



Had no idea of his political leanings before Trump got it . Love him in anything he’s in , I won’t let this affect that .