Even if it wasn’t a fake the Joans spelling would probably be a disparaging reference, that the Stock Market is “girly”.



No surprise there, this is why they tried this memo nonsense, he will perjure himself about 52,312 times if he is grilled for 5 or 6 hours.

Problem for team trump is refusing to talk to meuller looks guilty. If they have to subpoena him it looks even worse and they will.


Trump trying to earn brownie points about his stance on illegals


But when a white man guns down 50 people and injures 100+

* Crickets *



10 pages long apparently. Not a fucking hope he reads it



God I hope this dopey dipshit ends up behind bars as well


Oh Jesus this is awful. But do we know if he actually had breakfast?



Seems the Lord Of The Dance is a Trump fan


Flatley is an awful eejit

4 special elections in republican heartland yesterday, Democrats didn’t expect any wins but won one and the others showed a huge swing away from the gop


Can he not just look at the pictures?


This ought to pique the interest of the jihadis.


You have got to admire how far he has got with so little.


For a man who dodged the draft 5 times he’s some hard on for the Military. Treating them like his plaything


I also note why he apparently wants it. Because of the ‘Bastille Day’ celebrations. I wonder does Donnie know why the storming of the Bastille happend because it’s ironic as ■■■■ for him to be using it as an inspiration for the parade


He is profoundly ignorant.


He’s not mad about that Bastille song where the walls kept tumbling down …