With a bit of luck.


They really are that dumb


And this … trump has been thinking out loud about how 9/11 helped bush’s popularity …he wouldn’t, would he?


Yes he would. He’s a narcissistic psychopath



They’re waaaaatching youuuuuuuu…


Single biggest one day loss in history on the Dow today. Over four per cent wiped off the market.

It’s turning into a shitstorm.

Sure you can only laugh.


Let’s see mouth almighty claim credit for this. He was only too happy to claim credit for the rises a few weeks ago.

Will probably blame the Democrats/Obama for it


It was due a correction, then again trump tried to take credit for the market going up, so i’m Sure he’ll admit this fall is his fault :crazy_face:


It’s a correction so far!!!


Don’t be blaming Donny for something Tom Brady did.


Oh dear*


  • this may be fake


Love the use of capitals , really stresses the intent .


He can’t possibly have spelled it Dow Joans … can he?


Remember that covfefe thing :laughing:


It’s a fake. Albeit a highly believable one


It’s very funny tbf .


There may be trouble ahead

Bannon said there’s no way junior didn’t tell Donny baby about this meeting. Later that evening is the first time trump starts to go on about hilary’s missing emails.

They’re guilty as sin and the cover up is blatant.



Morning Ireland referred to it this morning … obviously nobody told them it was fake …