Weasels and Liars = Nunes and Trump


Nunes is blatantly obstructing. Trump as well. Can’t wait for the take down.


Someone has flipped



He’ll need proof.



Should he remembered it’s not set in stone that a sitting President “Can’t be indicted”.

Should also be noted Muller has a constitutional law professor as part of his team


Oh this is it so …


DT - fitted up by the FBI and the Dems. Who knew? Poor man.




What’s the story with this memo ?
Haven’t been keeping track lately .


Republicans are claiming that because the Steele dossier was part funded by Democrats that it should not have been used as evidence in applying for a FISA warrant for a Trump associate and kicking off the Trump / Russia investigation.
They are arguing that a judge should have been aware of Steeles inherent bias against Trump before granting a FISA warrant.

The hole in the argument is that Republicans initially funded the Steele dossier and it was not the only piece of evidence used in applying for the FISA warrant, if it was used at all.
On top of that the warrant was renewed 4 times. And each time it is renewed the FBI have to provide evidence to the judge that they are collecting worthwhile intelligence.


THey have gone to great trouble and in fact declared war on their own IC over what amounts to a nothing burger.

They will use it to try and fire the deputy AG and then slot in a yes man to sit on mueller and hamper the investigation from above.

The president directly attacking the FBI would have been big news 18 months ago, now, along with his endless attacks on the free press, it’s par for the course.

Everyone is lying except for trump. Or so they expect you to believe, and Fox News have 30% of the USA convinced. Sad. Except trump keeps getting caught lying about inane stuff like the tv audience for his speech. About the Boy Scouts saying his speech was great. About every damn thing.


Also it literally says in the memo Papandopolus was one of the reasons for the FBI investigations not just Steele (Which is what the GOP have been pushing). The dumb fucks undermined their own memo


Any sign of houses being built in Dublin so i can move my ass home???:sweat_smile:


After months of increases the Dow Jones suffered sixth worst single day point drop in history today.

Is it beginning to fall apart?


Are they really that stupid :thinking:, there must be more to this .


Oh yes they are most definitely that stupid


Piers master of the self own


Perfect description