Some of the replies to his original tweet announcing the interview are just :+1:


What I would give to see Paxman interview Trump.


We can count ourselves extremely lucky that Trump is not the UK PM. He says he would’ve negotiated a much tougher Brexit deal. Phew.


A proper journalist gives Piers some tips

Simpson is another one who would do a Trump interview quite well




I actually wonder if the likes of Morgan’s interview with DT revealed more than an antagonistic interviewer would. He’s hardly going to open up at all unless he feels he’s talking to a supporter. Some of this incessant one-way commentary could do with a bit of lateral thinking at times. It’s the sort of thing that if anything prompted more polarisation and support for the likes of DT, and other hard-liners or whatever you want to call them.


Funny but shows you where we’re at.


Confirms why he’s always freaked out. He 's another scummy fucker I’d take pleasure seeing in a Prison jump suit


Should just go the whole hog have the cops say “Papieren Bitte” while he’s at it



Nunes seems to be trying desperately hard to cover this up. They’re so damn blatant about what they’re doing. it’s like obstruction for dummies 101.

This gave me a laugh


This thread for those with a bit of digital knowledge is crazy


The metaphor gods are really on the mark today :+1:


Nobody likes a snitch


Good for him the little toerag.

Astonishing the depths the GOP are willing to go to in order to discredit the FBi & DOJ



ffs he can’t tell the truth


Just saw this on a mate’s Facebook page…

A friend (rightly) referred to DJ Trump as ‘POTUS’ on his page earlier. It got me thinking that it might be more appropriate if you could somehow come up with the acronym ‘SCROTUS’ in relation to the Orange One. Here’s one to be going on with: “Self Championing Reprobate Of The U.S.”


Delusions of grandeur


He’s a riot :laughing:. Like an awards ceremony .I haven’t watched his press conferences lately but it he wouldn’t be out of place at a stand up night .