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Yer man from Siemens was mocking him and he didn’t even realise it :joy:


He’s got nothing thing to hide …,



Aka nunes and his fake dossier



The dogs in the street know he did, proving it and getting the GOP to do something about it are where the challenge lies. Several GOP members of congress seem to be willing to do likewise (run obstruction), some of them are attacking the FBI as a means of defending Trump. It’s really like a movie, only too far fetched. Methinks a lot of these lads are very worried.




Yea. He doesn’t realise that outside his core, no one buys the old attack the press routine. It’s something that every tin pot dictator ever has done.


Someone needs to get a handle on him and explain to him just how serious this is. Even on obstruction alone there is no good outcome…

Mueller: “Mr Trump, explain to me why you fired James Comey…”

If Trump tells the truth that it was because he was leading the Russia investigation (as he already said in an interview) then he is fucked.

If the tries to lie about it to Mueller then he is going to be committing a felony as I am sure all the other witnesses that have already been interviewed have told the truth.

And thats just the Comey firing, nevermind the Flynn firing or him trying to fire Mueller.


Other reports say the crowd laughed and cheered. Very hard to get the truth these days.


there’s no doubting there’s spin on both sides or the argument.

he still obstructed justice tho. Thar’s no spin on that, he said as much himself.


judge for yourself, pretty mild either way.



Doesn’t surprise me at all. The way things are there at the moment I have no desire to visit the US for the foreseeable future and the US was a place I’d always wanted to go to


The (part) Muslim ban is taking effect?


Jeeze @GuyIncognito - you’ve never even been there??? I thought you were Hillary in disguise!


I’ll say twitter will be busy in the next couple of hours


A pair of utter w@nk3rs! They deserve each other!