you cheeky pup


You’ll be hounded for that pun.


You might need to take your dog to the vet if he’s saying yup


Nothing worse than the yups. Bernhard Langer nearly had them.


Whatever about Trump, I hope this c*nt gets taken down…

Apparently, he reckons Trump will be re-elected in 2020 and then followed into the Oval Office by Pence for a further double-term presidency.


yea, he would think that, not a hope in hell.


Cue @DUB09 with a random defense of DT


Yep totally normal to pay a pornstar $130,000 for no reason at all…


And that little shitweasel Stephen Miller. Creepy racist white supremacist ■■■■


@Dub09 is DT.

Or suffers from dt’s, maybe?



I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explanation for this…


Who is this Kyle Griffin chap constantly quoted here?


Two clicks will tell you all @Rochey


Another impartial objective journalist. Where would the free world be without them


2 clicks? Wharrrraya on about?


Hope this racist Elf ■■■■ sees the inside of a prison cell eventually


Funny how the shutdown has taken the limelight but mueller is still plugging away in the background. Hope to jaysus he is able to pin this lot down, or that enough of the GOP care to act when he lays it all on the table, which i think is going to be the bigger challenge then proving the case, they’re that corrupt at this stage.

Good to hear that the house intel committee heard that nigel farage is suspected of acting as a go between for trump and assange … it would be brilliant if that fucker was done for conspiracy against the united states.


It’s closing in on trumpey pooh.

Can Donald stop lying for the duration of the interview? It’s an offense to lie to the FBI and Donald has real trouble with the truth.


He’ll either commit perjury or admit wrongdoing and try and throw other people under the bus