Tubs will treat spicer as if he’s a hilarious celebrity instead of grilling the fooker about being part of the most overtly corrupt American administration ever.

you might want to bring that dog to the vet @JJF


Can’t wait. Be good to get an insight into the most successful president in recent years and what makes him … tick.


Exactly! Turbridy reserves all the tough questions for posh boy socialists and Sinn Fein. He won’t be asking Spicer any sort of tough question.

As for the Dog. He can get in line! :grin:


Fixed that for ya.


Correct. Someone said it’s right that he’s being interviewed but wrong that it’s been done on the Late Late.

Someone like Dobson would be a decent choice for interviewer. Seeing as we don’t have anybody in the calibre of Brian Farrell anymore


Get Vincent Browne in there!


But of course



'Hon the Dutch


A room full of Vincent Browne’s answer the question. Love it.


What an arsehole


LateLate audience vetting should be interesting for that show. Can Linda Martin and Billy McGuinn infiltrate?


Racist bigoted piece of shit


I’d say his supporters just love this shit :unamused:


I heard he said ‘isn’t it wonderful that we can extend a welcome and offer all these people the chance to start a new life and live the American dream.’

Sounds more plausible too.




They were hardly gonna come out & say he’s bordering on been obese & is a fucking head case .


Oh I know but to use the word excellent is fucking pushing it


I assume the expectation is that we’ll all mentally add “for a fat mad fucker” ourselves when we hear the report.