Jesus Christ


The shit he comes out with is unreal .
And yet hes like teflon , unbelievable !


Teflon? Approval rating currently at 32%, the lowest ever rating inside 12 months.


I don’t think he’s too bothered what people think about him .


I think he is, constantly asking for praise/lying about praise.


It’s more important how republican politicians view how others see him. If he becomes a sinking ship you can be sure to see them jump ship.

His average approval is hovering around 37% currently which is still far and away the lowest of any president in recent times all the way back to Gerald Ford at least


Well what I mean is , he’s delusional. In his eyes he’s doing a great job & only sees what he wants to see . I’d say he has some sort of mental filter .


Hope Harry tells them to do one and invites him. This wouldn’t be an issue if literally anyone else was US President. It’s his wedding ffs he can invite who he wants.


What a bunch of twats. It’s times like these that Britain is lucky it has some decent figureheads like Wills and Ginger.


Snowflake :snowflake:


I know we have our issues about Churchill but Trump ain’t no Churchill


Is he any relation to Sarah huckabee?


Her Old Man


The Americans love Churchill. Does my head in.



And the scary thing is, Huckabee was once considered the Republican voice of reason, back in those carefree, innocent days, when people thought that Sarah Palin was the most ridiculous candidate the Republicans could ever come up with in a presidential race.


Sarah Pailin will be president yet.


Girl Powah ! :wink:


Hmmmmm interesting strategy can’t possibly see how this can backfire on them…


This prick really needs to go now