The bestest pun, ever.


Unintentionally. Only seeing it now :grin:


we are getting close to the main course!


Oooh Donald won’t like this




Last week He tried saying that access Hollywood tape was faked. Except yerman in the video said it was very much real. He just cannot stop lying.


Sure he’d apologised for it and all. He’s deranged


One of the oddest things about that is that Billy Bush (the guy Trump is talking to) is Jeb Bush’s cousin. Considering Jeb was running against Trump for the nomination, you would have thought his cousin might have given him a heads up on an incriminating conversation. Also Billy got fired from his morning TV slot, meaning that Americans have a higher moral standard for TV hosts than they do for president.


Interestingly there has been more talk in the US (and higher profile talk) about Donald perhaps having dementia.


This is just disturbing on any number of levels :nauseated_face:


Pence the little ratbag

Hopefully he’ll have no qualms about doing similar to Trump et all


What the ■■■■ is he having a stroke or something

(Before anyone says it it’s not the quality of the audio)


Before the end of his term we will all be wiped out




What was a good laugh at America is fast becoming an international liability. The insanity continues and it really looks diversionary which makes you wonder to what lengths this crazy man would go to in order to cling on to power. Add in clusterf**k UK and you really wonder wtf is going on in this world.


It’s all gone to hell. Democracy is under threat through social media driven conspiracy & propaganda.


Democracy is on the way out, it was eventually failing anyway. We need a new system. In the meantime in the broader world order sense, the collapse of the US and the weakness and incompetence of the UK leaves the door wide open for Russia and China. And in this scenario the US is very dangerous, we can only hope that China can contain that danger somehow. Russia sure as hell aint gonna do it.

Europe needs to be very united and Germany needs to be strong, perhaps theres a sign that France is steadying the ship too. But the British issue and international terrorism/the rise of right wing power and influence are seriously undermining Europe, along with the ongoing and deepening economic crisis of some countries in Eastern Europe, not to mention Italy and Spain’s problems.

Democracy is not going to solve all this though, democracy has to some extent been the reason the planet has been fooked up, and that issue itself above all others will inevitably lead to some form of largescale human destruction, which has already come to pass in the poorer countries.


Decentralization will be the buzz word of 2018.

Currencies, Manufacturing and everything else will be decentralized as citizens lose trust in every institution.

We will be using bitcoin to buy goods from a 3D Manufacturer before we know it.


I think his teeth might have come loose…:yum::grimacing::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That or his brain is ducked. People that age don’t have dentures anymore do they?