Having another meltdown on Twitter. He is absolutely shitting himself over Flynn flipping


Nobody going to comment on what ABC did, no? They’re completely playing into his hands here. It’s hilarious what’s going on. MSM was already dying in America. Disgraceful behaviour and the refusal of some people to acknowledge it is very revealing.


ABC acknowledged it and suspended him for it. Shame Fox News and the WH don’t act in a similar manner when spreading BS.

Had to laugh at Conway and Spicer lecturing about it
People in glass houses etc…


They suspended him cause they were about to be outed. The faux outrage on here about some of this is made more cringeworthy by the refusal to accept that they’re all lying. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC. They all have agendas and they’re all liars. Everyone is out to get him so if did any wrong you can bet he will be done. At the minute it looks like there’s no real evidence. Random tweets by “sources” isn’t evidence


Ah stop would ye ffs. Please dont lump any of them with Fox News. Fox spread conspiracy theories about a murder of a DNC staffer and that ■■■■■■■ who spread them still has his prime time slot without suffering any consequences.


It’s quite literally just been proved ABC do the same. Anyway I’m off again just thought I’d point out the hypocrisy and faux outrage on this embarrassing thread. Carry on


A journalist jumping the gun and a TV station deliberately spreading a conspircacy are far from the same thing


Sure. Keep telling yourself that. As I said I’m out


Are they all going to seek political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London?


Sounds familiar


Rutt roo


Jesus wept these lads are strange people



Good god they’re a special kind of stupid


If they are all so thick and stupid and liars why are they still here a year later? Maybe everyone else is thick …


… there’s no doubting there’s a lot of stupid to go around. Manafort has just breeched his very civilized bail terms and could wind up in a cell, instead of under house arrest. Although maybe he’s be Safer behind bars. The investigation is getting closer to trump & family all the time.


moving along relatively quickly


Dum de dum


can tax returns be subpoenaed?


He has them already by all accounts


it would be great if he was at a minimum exposed as a fraud