There’s only 3 possibilities in relation to who he’s given up

Don Jnr
Don Snr

Either way next indictments are likely to be family members


Hopefully all of the above.







Excellent subtweet from Comey


‘During the Republican party convention in the summer of 2016, he led chants of “lock her up”, aimed at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. As he was escorted from court by FBI agents on Friday, a handful of protesters shouted “criminal” and “lock him up”.’




Oh , that is quality !


Jesus H Christ I can’t believe they’re that dumb


What about Deep Throat??? :tired_face:


Same initials.


Well I mean if Don King says you did the right thing…


God I’d love to play him at poker he’s so fucking dumb


Former CIA Officer:


The only astonishing thing is that this is all taking so long. They’re guilty as hell.


Dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s


God I hope that scumbag Bannon goes down


He wants to talk to farage as well!


I think farage was a go between for trump’s team and Assange, certainly he was caught sneaking out of the Ecuadorian embassy and had no explanation for why he was there. Would be too delicious if he got caught up in this conspiracy