Scum pure scum. Hope the bitch is shamed for the rest of her life when she finally leaves the White House


Plea deal would involve him ratting on one of Jared, Don Jnr or Don Snr


Yup. His lawyers are no longer talking to theirs. Which is a sure sign he’s in discussions about flipping.


Oh boy


He deleted the original tweet. I thought they had tried to bring in a law around presidential records which stopped him from being able to delete tweets?


What a vile woman


Saw her on Channel 4 News (I think) yesterday. Unfortunately the woman clearly lacks a brain.

But I really think these people should be given no coverage or oxygen at all … even if every appearance just shows how pathetic and stupid they are.


saw her as well. Seemed to be of the opinion that it was up to other people to disprove anything she puts up as opposed to her doing any journalism and research.


Rex may be next…


Took me a couple of minutes to figure out what this tweet was about . Then I got the Beetlejuice reference from some of the comments .



Boo fucking hoo no sympathy from me. They were warned about him and still went ahead and voted for him


A politician going back on pre election promises :drooling_face:




Good start to the first day of advent :+1:


So, does Flynn go down now or is it now time for him to cut a deal?


That’s his deal. Was probably looking at much more serious charges that probably would have meant spending the rest of his life in prison. With this he’ll probably serve at most 5 years. Also probable it involves his son not being charged.


Great description of them


DOJ spokesman under Obama


True enough they often do, but any workingman who thought Trump gave a flying f**k abou tthem is an idiot. the only thing he is really concerned with is giving himself and his millionaire family & friends a massive tax break.


Lovely hurling. And poor donald thinks the russia thing is going to be over by the end of the year! :sweat_smile: