And if he doesn’t. Well he knows where the door is.




Darwin Award for that guy!


That’s not good news for trumpy pooh






He only does interviews with fox where he can shit on unchallenged


Oh right. He’s just lying again


When a man not known for his sense of humour mocks you



He’s a fucking idiot


He’s beyond parody now .It’s like having Alan Partridge & David Brent wrapped in one .


This Project Veritas crowd seem a bit shady .



Just wow. He never fails to astonish.


Anybody who wants to still say he’s not a fascist can ■■■■ right off. Pure scum. Best of luck to him trying to get that Muslim ban now


Only another 3 years of this go . We’ll see how much damage he can do in the mean time . At least lessons will be learned ( hopefully ) when the next election comes around .


He’ll need to be removed from office. No way will he accept losing an election


True , but he may have no choice in the matter . The next election will be a titanic battle to win votes .
I’m still not betting against an attempt on his life . All you need is one nut job & they have no shortage of that over there .