You haven’t heard of Russia today?


Don’t think anyone should be surprised


Everyone is lying :lying_face:


Honestly , yeah . Id only have a passing interest in all this . But I’ve no interest in what happens in Russia and have genuinely never heard of it , it’s never popped up on anything on my twitter feed before :upside_down_face:


Fair enough. Anyways yea, Russia start the fake news stories on there, point to them from social media. Retweet via army of bots. Pay for ads to point at them. Trump’s team helped spread them and the stories grow legs. The bots also comment on any discussion online to drown out dissenters. The bot accounts are dressed up to look like americans, so Americans who see them think it is their peers commenting. Payed for ads on Facebook, google and twitter.


■■■■ , so this is what the collusion was about , I thought that just involved the voting been rigged by the Rooskies.


Multifaceted attack. They most obviously colluded on the hacked Clinton emails. Shortly after the meeting between Trump Jr and the Russian lawyers (the meeting the trump’s have been caught lying about over and over) trump first mentioned Hilary’s Missing emails.


Apparently, Trump is in big debt to the oligarchs, and that’s why the whole thing kicked off!!!


This is turning into something like Mr Robot and the evil E Corp .


It’s fookin nuts. Going to make a great movie.k see trump is now endorsing Moore saying the accusations are all lies and ‘we do t want a liberal in there’ … American politics are a jaysus mess. It’s like the Healy rea’s on steroids


Yep, they’ve been lining him up for years.


Nah there’s too much for a movie. This will end up being an HBO mini series


I don’t understand any more. Good night.


It’s quite simple, it is illegal to accept information from a foreign government pertaining to an opponent in an election. Especially when you know it is stolen/hacked. It’s also illegal to conspire with that government on how best to release that info. Needless to say covering it all up by lying on security clearance forms, neglecting to tell the truth under oath, failing to hand over documents when subpoenas are issues for all documents relating to dealings with Russia is all illegal as well. Obstructing the investigation by firing the head of the fbi doesn’t help clear up any misunderstandings. Admitting you did as much to get rid of that Russian thing makes you look guilty.


That’s why don jr’s emails proving contact with Wikileaks (Russian asset) last week was big news. It was of course Wikileaks who ultimately published the Clinton emails. These guys are guilty as sin, it’s just up to the special prosecutor to pin the slippery hoors down.



His tweets today are pretty appalling. What a complete mor *n.


I hope you got permission to call him that


Presidenting is so hard he deserves a round of golf…


Jesus :nauseated_face: