He should have said that then. :sunglasses:

If you are throwing facts at people make sure they are right.


TBF he was pressed for time. Only had 5mins to question Sessions. Slip like that is perfectly understandable





Oops fixed


But if the GOP did it … :open_mouth:



With all the lies and omissions of Russian meeting on his security clearance forms and failure to deliver documents, it’s almost like he’s hiding something


A tax break for golf course owners & private jet owners.

Those earning under 70,000 will get a cut till 2019 and them their tax goes up. It is specifically designed for the 2018 elections. Evil fucking bastards.


Ruh Roh


They lie so much, it’s almost like they’re Hiding something …


Ranting and raving about Hillary again. Usually a sign something big is about to drop.


How’s the impeachment going ?


Right Wingers in the US are unbelievably dumb even by US standards



Seriously? Is he 10?


I know a bit about this because I follow the NBA .This Lavar guy is just as much a character as Trump but I couldn’t see him supporting trump in any way . You would imagine trump wouldn’t respond but we know what we are dealing with here .



Facebook and twitter need to do similar


What’s this , some kind of sensorship ?
Haven’t heard of or read either of them .


Ha! Now Trump et al using Google to fight the world war. Not far now til we’re all either for or against that sort of thing. Does using Google make us complicit?