Who’d have thought Eric was the smart one :rofl:


Only in America…


My god the Stupidity runs deep in that family


The size of the anti-intellectual pro-ignorance cohort in america is frightening.

The again how else would someone like Trump get elected.


its been said before but 38% of Americans still believe in creationism


The other 62% believe in Santa Claus.


Wait… What are you saying here?





Nasty pieces of shit


Is this it :thinking:


I think this happened a bunch of times before Nixon bit the bullet


Last two of the five are stupidly included. There’s no real way of proving he’s committed wrong doing. Especially re: the press. Sounding off is not a crime. The first three spins very interesting though.


I think they can prove he obstructed justice. If they can get Flynn to flip they could have a lot more.


That alone would be enough.

I just don’t hold with including things that can’t be proven and that distract from the big stuff.


A lot of White House aids being pulled in for questioning, will they perjure themselves for trump? Rumors has it a lot of them knew about the comey firing letter.



Sessions trapped by his own previous statements. Delicious


At 3.20 he quotes a speech the Sessions gave on the floor of the Senate on 29 Feb 1999.

There is no such date … more fake news …


Presuming he meant 1998 that was the year Clinton was impeached