Jesus Christ

Click on the tweet to read the rest of them below it. Evil Scumbags who portray themsleves as "Christians "


■■■■ me American is fucked. Defending the indefensible. Disgusting.


I have been pleading with all my siblings to come home to Ireland. I know we’re no shining light, but compared to good old Uncle Sam, we’re nirvana! If they didn’t have so many roots there, they may just!


Hope this Neo Nazi freak goes down. He was one of the architects of the Muslim ban


If you have kids as young as 10 and 11 getting married, what’s to worry about 14 year olds kissing men?




Jaysis :open_mouth:


I would pack up my wifes bags and get on the plane home if we could afford somewhere to live in Dublin :sob:


I sincerely hope that when this guy bounds down the White House stairs in his Superman pyjamas on Xmas morning that he gets the gift he wants. Otherwise no telling how he’ll kick off …


Fat? Pot calling kettle. Come in kettle.

Great to see the office of the president being used with such dignity.



I was wondering what these coffee themed tweets were about all day , its this


All the #MAGA heads are smashing up their Keurig machines as a protest :rofl::rofl:

Boy they really are a dumb bunch of hicks


I think something similar happened last year with Ivanka


So she wants Donald to resign ?


She didn’t know when to stop talking !




These people are fucking sick in the head



Rutt ohh