Bad night for Donnie last night. Trumpists defeated in the Governorship races in Virginia and New Jersey.

Distancing himself from them already. Trying to make out they didn’t embrace him enough and that’s why they lost.



Exit polls suggest people were simply voting “against trump”. The Gop is going to take the mother of all hidings in 2018 unless they do something about trump. Glad that people are seeing through all his bluster/bullshit.



Reps won this District by 13% in 2015 that is one hell of a swing

And in a delicious irony this is the guy who she defeated





Good to see intolerance and hate get what it deserves.

The GOP have been warned. 12-18% swings to democrats - if that doesnt serve notice i dont know what will.


I cannot stand intolerance.




Someone has had a Brian Lenihan Snr ‘On mature recollection’ moment it would seem


Is Fox news as bad as they make it out to be ? I think I have the channel now but I’m not sure I could watch a pro trump channel :triumph:


Yep full on State TV style propaganda about Trump and the GOP


Ryan is going down with the ship. Up for re-election next year. Would love to see him get fucked out


Ryan is up to his ball bag in the whole fiasco. It’s the rank and file who might revolt.


Perfect metaphor


GOP Senate candidate in Alabama

Breitbart are scum of the earth

Sick bastards


“Boris Johnson, the perpetually rumpled British foreign secretary…”.


They should be shut down for that coverage.