worth it for the 1st 2 mins


He’s awake!!

But what’s this why it’s George sitting at table with you and the poisonous dwarf Sessions



The good news tweets flying from Donic the Hedgehog this evening!! :joy::joy::joy:

Maybe they’ll make everything else go away … :joy::joy::joy:


the longtime swamp denizen




This fuckweasal is No.3 on the list of the fuckers I want to see go down after Trump and Bannon


Sessions perjured himself. Wowweee.


Don Jr is as thick as his old man.


:tada::tada::tada: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

Hoo boy this will be fun. We all know he’s jealous over Jared being with Ivanka


Just gonna leave this here


They are literally hanging with him till they get this tax stuff through. What rich person wouldn’t vote for a trickle down tax cut (tax cut for the rich so they can afford to employ more people).


Totally normal…


Only spies or criminals have fake passports. And he’s not an American spy.



Hello Mistrial


hard To fathom these people, farage has a lot of Russian connections, the Uk press will wake up at some point:



Having another meltdown on Twitter this morning. I wonder is there another shoe about to drop. His Meltdowns always seem to coincide with this. Case in point last week. Ranted and raved over a few days and then news of the indictments broke last Friday


Heard Trump’s Twitter account disappeared for a bit last night .Wonder what the story was there ?