Not a fan of hilarly Clinton ,but HTF didn’t she bury him when they had those presidential debates ?? The things he called her " Crooked Hilary " ? The man is a sleazebag of the highest order ,she should have called him out on everything he has ever done or said ,she was way to restrainted on how to deal with him.



Is it just me or do other people’s mouths not open and close like goldfish every time I see or hear a sentence including the words, “the FBI are investigating…”? The levels of corruption are so endemic in US corridors of power, law and security that the whole system is almost completely beyond sensible perception. In other words, the FBI or the CIA investigating anything whatsoever cannot be taken seriously. It’s all about individual and small group pods of power at this stage, see who comes out on top.

Pretty soon those at higher levels will start to eat each other, only surprise so far is that we haven’t heard of many lower down the chain “disappearing”, though no doubt they have.
For Ireland, it doesn’t bode well that we have wedded ourselves so much to the USA in terms of role-modelling and influence, not to mention direct dealing.

In any case the US and much of the western world are pretty much run by those in charge of large corporations. Be interesting to see who emerges ‘on top’, though it looks more likely we will see a big break-down and power struggle first. I wouldn’t rule out a military coup.




These are bad hombres.


The movie/mini series about this will be amazing



That 2k odd is still way on the low side. Mueller needs to do a bit more prodding like he’s done with FB


Agreed. And the rest i’d Say.


Trump has not tweeted since the news of pop’s guilty plea.


This is incredible stuff altogether. If Trump wriggles out of this one it will be some achievement.


Oh please let this fucker get taken down


Defo a person of interest.


Maybe she is crooked herself.


Whatever she has done pales in insignificance what trump is , pull the combover to one side and you would see ’ 666 'on his scalp.


Well holy ■■■■. Papadopoulos was in London 5 days ago. FBI would of had to agree to him travelling and only on ‘Business’


Hopefully farage & Assange


They must know he must have been wired up at some stage when his plea was announced and they’re shitting themsleves because I bet Don has probably talked to him or someone almost as senior in the WH


Suckerbee making him out to be a nobody in the press conference last night was hilarious. There’s photos of him sitting in arms reach of trump.

Roll on the next arrests please!