This is definitely now a case of

“What did the President know and when did he know it”


They’ll hang in till the tax cuts are through.


Would also be an admission of guilt. That said he’s definitely dumb enough to try it. I actually think despite their lack of actions so far that would be a red line for a lot of Republicans. They’d reappoint him and Trump would be able to do ■■■■ all


I sat in a bar in Charlotte 4 weeks ago with what I thought were two intelligent people. It is their believe that this story is utter media fabrication, driven by both parties to oust Trump.


They couldn’t could they?
Surely DC will grind to a halt after what the Greek has revealed.


That’s the problem, there’s so much fake news and misinformation out there (Putin’s bots) people dont know what to believe.


That is just his rabid base though and they won’t be enough to get re-elected or even save him from impeachment.

It was the swing voters who could not swallow a vote for Clinton and the diehard Republicans who held there nose and voted for him who won him the election.
No way is he maintaining the support of those 2 groups.


What if say the Dems come out with someone like Elizabeth Warren in 2020? IF you think the Republican base hate Clinton wait until Warren becomes the democratic front runner. Bernie won’t be there 2020, I think his age is a factor now. as Biden would be too (Family tragedy would also probably rule him out).
Its always hard to beat the incumbent, again I will point to Hoover getting nearly 40% of the vote after destroying the country in 1932. And the GOP will be very savvy when it comes to how they spend their electoral college dollars.
I’m telling you, until they bury the fucker I’m not calling him politically dead yet.


These people are insane.


State TV. Pure propaganda



Trump would have a good pedal or two looking at that frame… I’m not sure if it’s the “Concerns Over Mueller’s Credibility” banner or the fact that there are four women in heels and short dresses that would get him going more, though.


Funding attack campaigns on privately owned stations was a favoured tactic of the US/ CIA.

Schadenfreude much, ja?



A top Republican

Whether there’s any actions from him if Mueller is fired is another matter


That channel is right wing propaganda. Not sure how they are allowed dress it up as news but it’s rubbish like that which has the USA in the mess it is.


So many lies.


This is an amazing vid someone has done up based on the Daredevil season 1 finale. Level of detail is amazing. Great choice of song too


Superb :rofl:


The most hateful fucker ever to grace politics in this country.


I mean he’s no Conor Cruise O’Brien