Manafort charged with Conspiracy to Launder money. Could yet be more charges added to this. Time limitations were the reasons for these charges being filed today. Statue of limitations would have kicked in tomorrow.


only because the tapes were sequestered. Surely these idiots left no such evidence around.
Trump Jnr. Kushner, Bannon et al. need to sing. Likelihood is that it will have to be through impeachment. Not going to be a prosecution or a resignation in my opinion.


These seem to be the most incompetent bunch of clowns ever to have been elected.


Hiya Tommy.



If Trump is impeached there is zero chance of the US political system ever being put back together. No matter how conclusive the evidence, a sizeable minority will effectively see it as a coup.


Il Douche and his crew, even they seem to have better political nous than Trump et al.


You mean like this fella?



Oh there’s evidence alright. The e-mail from Don Jnr meeting with the Russians for starters. These lads are thick as ■■■■ I would bet Mueller has lot more than we know about.


AK47, the epitome of modesty. Trump-esque even.


He’s got Yuge hands.



Olbermann is a bit of a crank and certainly not balanced but its an interesting piece nonetheless.


Yep. Mueller is no idiot. As I said above there’ll probably be also State charges lined up against these guys to negate any probable or possible pardon.


Kerrigan gets Irish politics, to a tee.


You’d assume these guys left incriminating evidence all over the place.




It’s a pity who he writes for.





There is always a tweet