His command of the English language is so basic, almost childlike.



Would love it if that prick Bannon was lifted tomorrow but more likely Flynn and/or Mannafort.


I love the smell of fear in the morning

Another one being taken out of the reach of a Presidential pardon



Kicking off now…


Hopefully just the start.


An easy way to get the truth out of the June meeting with the Russian lawyer


Trump’s biggest concern at this stage will be the potential for plea bargaining?


Can he pardon anyone prosecuted in this case?


Only if they’ve been already convicted?


Manafort has handed himself in to the FBI according to reports.


He can but only Federal charges. I wouldn’t be shocked if Manafort is also facing charges from NY state which are outside the reach of a Presidential pardon.


You cannot pardon someone who hasn’t been tried and convicted.
If Manafort doesn’t spill the beans and is convicted, for Trump to then pardon him would be seen as two fingers to all internal and overseas security forces as well as the judicial system. Trump may want to remember this if he needs the Supreme Court to push through his legislation. But then questions will also be asked as to why he is pardoning someone convicted of such crimes?
So you then look at IF Manafort will try to cut a deal and why.


He can Pardon him. Ford pardoned Nixon despite him not being charged with anything



It would be incredibly stupid of him though as it would be an immediate admission of guilt


And down goes Manafort…


Exhibit no. 1.
Herbert Hoover for 39% of the vote in 1932. Smack bang in the middle of the great depression.

The mouth breathers that voted for him do not care about this.


Meh, Nixon won 49 out of the 50 states in 1972. Was still fucked out less than 2 years later .