Club Transfer


Does this mean Na Fianna lads are allowed play football and hurling this year?


So why look to transfer to Castle knock last year. LAR Norton???


He was great mates with Kilkenny, who by the way, also went to Scoil Chaitriona. But that’s neither here nor there… If he wanted to go to Castleknock, nothing would have stopped him. It’s an inter county transfer. So I think you may be wide of the mark



was genuinely curious how a player could decide within 12 months to decide to transfer to 2 different Dublin clubs and have genuine affiliations to both. Fully aware its an intercounty transfer


Why did Knock transfer not happen?


Do you not have to have some connection with the area itself, like live in the area or work in the area of the club you are transferring to? I know Glasnevin likes to lay claim to land outside their boundary but Ashbourne is a bit of a stretch


because the lads he was friendly with in junior infants came calling ???

i have no idea but the optics from the outside look shocking I think


Why does it bother you so much?

A lad from Meath with strong Dublin connections moves to a strong Dublin club, to enhance his chances of playing with our county team.

He should pick whatever team or setup suits him best, I’m sure Pillar leaving opened up Na Fianna for him as no one would go there with him in charge, it would hinder your chances with Dublin rather than enhance.


the optics to me are mercenary he changes his mind inside 12 months as to which Dublin club he will choose to play for.
I accept your point re Pillar, the greatest asset Kerry football ever had.

But how many na Fianna players will welcome him with open arms knowing a year ago he wanted to play for someone else and changed his mind.

Surely though he should be playing for a club team primarily for the sake of that club rather than for the purposes of enhancing a possible county career.

I think its fair point for debate, so don’t know why that bothers you so much


that will always be my problem with him playing for Dublin. I don’t think we (or any other Div 1) team should be allowed to use players from other counties, regardless of his connection to Dublin. His club is in Meath and that is the county he should play for


He is from Finglas. Moved to Meath


Fair enough points of course.

I’m sure all players of a certain standard are approached by clubs when they decide to switch to a Dublin Club, his father was an Isle’s man? ( I think) so they would be the only club with a realistic significant pull.

Isles at this time are not a viable option due to the Division/ not competitive in SFC.

He needs to pick a club that will enhance his opportunities with Dublin he feel’s Na Fianna is that team, he’s not breaking any rules so I think he’s dead right.


Maxi in fairness he’s a born and bred dub so why should he have to play there because he was made to move as a child


YOOOOOOOOOOOOO - HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO …Can anyone advise why the Castleknock did not happen??


Pillar left Na Fianna job is my guess!


Did he play for a Dublin club? My logic is he was trained in Meath. I grant you that he was on Dublin development panels but he shouldn’t have been once he was playing in Meath


But he was down for a transfer to Castleknnock a year ago, no?


Started off with Isles


that gives him more of a right in that case but it still doesn’t sit right with me if he left at u-12 or something like that


I could be wrong on this but he may have went to Na Fianna from Isles before moving to Meath. He would have been fairly young at the time so nothing competitive being played