Club Transfer


Last time I gave him my email address I had a load of Nigerian millionaires emailing me …


Any dubs living in the kildare area looking to play I’m looking after a team and would be more then happy to have you join me :grinning:.


Deegan with a transfer to na fianna


Eugene keating back to Cavan


He will be a good addition to them


Would he not be an Isles man?


First transfer was to Castleknock?


If he has any designs on playing for Dublin it has to happen


Mick is, obviously had no say in it…


Free transfer? :joy:


a first one


In fairness to Deegan why would he move to Isles or anyone else who at this current time are not in the top echelons of Dublin football. May as well stay in Ashbourne as do that.

Na Fianna are the worst coached senior football team i’ve seen in a long time under Pillar so hopefully he doesn’t hold him back with his brutal tactics.

Na Fianna could have seriously tested and turned Vincents over if they any semblance of a game plan in the SFC late last year.


McElwee is in there now isnt he, Pillar consigned to the beat


Great news for all footballers in Na Fianna


if he makes the county panel it wont matter who he is with as Cooper his new club mate togged 4 times last year


all hurlers in Na Fianna also


He has had an amazing amount of chances at cracking the intercounty scene at all levels …


i would contend more so than if his name was Michael Dub09, but I’ll now get a lecture probably about what his father did in the rare aul times


Would like to have a look at the list of possible anyone please?


In fairness to Micheál, he went to school in scoil Chaitríona and most of his class mates and friends would have been NaFianna. Kind of a no brainer for him!