Club Transfer


Can someone PM me the list if possible, cheers!


I understand the club secretary has a list but unfortunately I haven’t had much success in getting it. Would appreciate if someone could send it on via private message

Slan go fóill


If someone else asks for the fookin list!!


Hear here!!!

I’m coming across all D-Fens …


I have it if anyone still needs it


Yes please Marys Man.


PM me lads and I’ll send it on to you.


coud ye pm me please :slight_smile:


Can you not just throw it up save all the hassle. If it’s sent to the clubs it’s coman knowledge.


There are issues with Data Protection in publishing the list for all to see.


Hmmmm . how about a code … a=1, b =2, etc …no-one will ever crack it except us.


Hardly a data breach in fairness


You could ask him, but he might answer as Gaeilge!


Could someone please pm me the list. Thanks




Lads, drop me an email and I’ll send it to you.


Pm sent Mary’s man!


Yes please if you don’t mind


Sent you a pm I think Marys man


Lads I need email addresses to send you the list. Have replied to anyone who sent me an email address already