Club Transfer


could someone PM me it too thanks


sure himself and Butsy born and raised in the heart of Swords should never have been out there in the first place :slight_smile:


I would appreciate a PM of the list too if possible : )


That one, Galvin’s & Dotsie returning home are the bigs one from what I can see


I didnt put in any transfer request


Can the list be pm’d to me if possible. Nice one


if someone could PM me the list too would be much appreciated


Could I get the list aswell please


Could someone PM it to me too please.


List please as well if you can


Would take a copy too if it was going. Cheers


If there is a copy going can someone PM me the list please, thanks.


Anyone got the list of the latest Victoria Secret’s models?


Yea he’s 37 but I think he’s still a good man to bring off the bench in a close game with 20 minutes to go. If he helps them win a championship then it will be worth it.


…is that a joke from The Lonely Ranger? What is the world coming to? I am very worried at this development.:confounded:


Could I get the list too please. Cheers


I don’t want this ‘list’ from the mystery person who has all this knowledge. But please PM tomorrow night’s Euromillions numbers.


I’d love the Victoria Secret list. Illustrated and laminated please.


Why laminated?


So you don’t get ink on your fingers of course Rochey!!!