Club Transfer


Yes garda.

I know a bit more about Emily Mulligan that you I suspect though


Or maybe it was the same loyalty to the brigids cause as Tony McEntee


Clontarf a super club???:confused:


check out Clontarfs membership numbers !!!


Olafs signed up James Gill. played with Mayo years ago.


36 this year…


Is he playing senior or junior?


wasnt on the westport intermediates so must be only junior now


Fingallians have massive numbers, you couldn’t consider them a super club.

Surely you need to actually be winning or competing at the top level to be considered a " Super Club">

Clontarf can’t be seriously considered a “Super Club”


I think he was taking the piss out if his local rivals


if you look through the narrow blinkers of adult premier teams winning county titles No they are not a super club. I am not being derogatory about super clubs. I think Clontarf are a fantastic club who have incredible consistency from minor downwards all codes and have huge membership numbers, in my opinion far far ahead of Fingallians


It’s castkeknock all over again They just won the minor a championship last year . Even have lads on the Dublin senior hurling team . A massive juvenile base and a big catchment area . For a club that was tiny up until about 6-7 years ago
Have gone from div 3 to div1 at football . A
And 7-10 years from now will be ahead of Vincent’s for example .
The clubs that will dominate in that time frame are the ones with the population base , money and organisation . And Clontarf have all of that


Agree with that, southside clubs like ballyboden, crokes Cuala have huge huge catchment areas, compared to clubs on the northside clubs such as Vincents, craobh, parnells o tooles for example who are all clustered together. To many clubs in the one area.


I disagree with the above.
I would argue that there isn’t near enough clubs in the southside areas you listed.
Divide up the population of the areas where Vincents, craobh, parnells o’tooles who you named are pulling from and it would still be way more potential people to clubs than the vast majority of clubs outside Dublin.
I think smaller clubs give players a much better chance of coming through to adult games, where as if you’re not a superstar U12 player you probably wouldn’t have much chance in any of the huge clubs and I would think drift away completely from the games.
I have no numbers at all to back that up with however!


Are Sylvesters considered a super clubs?

They have large playing numbers no rivalry from local teams and plenty of resources.

They would’ve had some success in the not to distant past at underage level.

Crokes, Na Fianna, Boden would be the only clubs who could rightfully call themselves “Super Clubs”…

Vincents win nothing underage anymore, Lucan are a massive club but don’t win an awful lot from what I can see.


i refer to a super club as one that would be in the top 25 clubs membership wise nationally.

boden crokes, lucan na fianna , clontarf all fit into that remit . castleknock could be in there also


try being in templeogue, faughs ( alright half a club), TSS ( half a club) Judes all operating out of the same 5000 odd households with Boden lined up at the bridge ready to pounce


This chat pops up every year. If it went by population then some of the clubs who are being mentioned as “super clubs” would not be successful. At the end of the day its quality over quantity. If a club has a conveyor belt of talent coming through they will continue to be successful. If a club has massive numbers coming through and very little talent they will not be successful. Buying in players may help a team be successful short term but does it do anything long term?

I am not sure who has the biggest memberships in the county but if clubs in big populations areas like Swords, Blanch and Tallaght could easily become super clubs with the right setup. But again these areas would have a lot of competition from other activities.


Do them clubs only pull from Templeogue?
You’re missing the likes of Terenure, Rathgar, Kimmage etc.
A lot more than 5,000 odd houses when you take them extra areas into consideration I would think.
The likes of Judes I know (and possibly Faughs and TSS) would also have plenty of players from the east side of Tallaght also (Tymon, Balrothery, Glenview areas etc.)


Agree with the part of players with smaller clubs get better chance playing adult. Just northside wise I think there are one to many clubs compared to southside.