Club Transfer


yeah sorry forgot to reply


Transfer was done last week per transfer list. Presume playing big ball for N.Y.


I expect so



Scoil I Connell have a good few already don’t they?


no names that jump out but when you glance through the inter county transfer list for the last few months, they have had several


The likes of Scoil will always attract the less glamorous country transfers imo. Non IC if you like. Good location for lads living in town/suburbs , less competition for places than the super clubs around. Themselves and Clanns really depend on these imports in all honesty , they don’t produce a lot of local talent unfortunately.


Hence the fundraising breakfast they are running…


Fairly hard in fairness sandwiched between two super clubs in Vincent’s and Clontarf


Agreed , I was offering support . It’s a different scenario to what is happening elsewhere.


Former Clare footballer Laurence Healy transferred to Thomas Davis


Any big transfers go through within Dublin?


Maybe mentioned before but Emlyn Mulligan returning to Melvin Gaels in Leitrim from Brigids. Did he play much for Brigids during his time there?


the one championship game they had each year …

probably the worst case of buying in a player who had zero connections to the county much less the area


He must have found the player/coach contract not to his liking.


wasn’t he working in Longford too?


Working? Hardly … isn’t he a Guard …




living in mullingar and stationed in longford at time of transfer or vice versa


Went off travelling for awhile aswell while at brigids,


2 very funny lads yer gas . Comment on what ye know not bullshite posts . Buying player …thick