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I’m not referring to Deegan exclusively at all - he has a genuine case for Dublin - it’s more the many many kids now coming into their teens and playing for the commuter town clubs. This will be a much bigger issue in the next few years with the number of such kids growing incrementally for probably the next 10+.


Should the Meath County Board not have called around to your house with a brand new Subaru to clinch the deal?? :smirk:


Would anyone from Meath start for Dublin?

Their best player appears to be that Reilly chap who kicked DC in the head and was promptly put on his hole.


Keoghan is a good player. Reilly would not fit into Dub set-up IMO - not at our fitness level.


To me he was born in Dublin so it’s clear cut


How dare you be so clear cut!!! There’s waters to be muddied here don’t ya know!!!



Not a chance, he’s great against weak counties, if its a tough game he goes missing .


Terry Ferguson’s dad Des / Snitchie was a great Dublin dual star who was actually born in Down. Snitchie’s first cousin, a brilliant Down footballer of the 60"s Colm McAlarney was born in …Dublin! So where you are born doesnt really matter in the long run. As another man born in Dublin but who “played” with the opposition I.e. The Duke of Wellington is alleged to have said " because Jesus Christ was born in a stable doesn’t make him a horse".


It does . It’s the same excuse people make for Irish rugby players.


Not sure if this question is in here already but with the transfer season closed what is the process of players who do not have a team at a specific age group joining another club for that age?


Alamoc will be the best man to tell you but ship has sailed is my understanding. Once a year window


As far as I know the once a year is for a permanent transfer. Players can join a club if they have no team at their own age. Avoids them giving up the games completely. Especially with the rules regarding minors having to be 17 before playing adult


Best way to explain it is via an example.

An U/14 is with a club with no U/14 team. But there is an U/15 and/or an U/16 team. As he can play U/15 and U/16 it is considered that his club has a team for him. You cannot move simply because your club has no team at your specific age group.

Now if an U/14 is a member of a club with no team between that and minor he can be transferred at any time to another club as long as he has not played for his club in the current competition year. If he has then he’s in limbo until the end of the year when he can request a transfer. This particular instance is unsatisfactory as a lad could play a couple of games and then see the team fold and have no outlet for a year but them’s the rules.


Niall Quinn son transferred to Thomas Davis. St Judes signed up Clare defender Manus Malone


So a 15/16 year old with who have no team at their age group and whose next team up is AHL 9 are eligible to transfer anytime to another club? Obviously they are not allowed play AHL 9 as they have to be over 17


If the club has no U15, U16 or minor team and if they have not yet played for the club this year (and the season only started this weekend so presumably they haven’t as the club has no teams) then yes. Apply to the juvenile secretary in Parnell Park.

Admittedly 2012 was the last time I was involved in this but I don’t think the rule has changed with regard to underage players who find themselves with no team to play on.


Nice one Alan


yes please marysman


Kildare defender Ciaran Fitzpatrick signed for St Judes