Club Transfer


it’s a fairly new dynamic in terms of the numbers involved so we’ll see what happens. But in fairness if a lad is born in Ratoath and lives all his life there and goes to school etc and plays club football there then he should play for Meath.


Clayton transferring into Boden at u16 was a lot a quieter way of beating the meath label


I’d ask what are the county boards in the commuter belt doing to encourage the children of “blow ins” to view themselves as part of that counties GAA tradition, rather than that of their parents county.


jaysus H - like what? Cup cakes with Meath or Kildare icing?


Well if the cupcakes would help :stuck_out_tongue:

But perhaps things like have one of the county players visit each juvenile team for a training session. Have all juvenile teams come to a home league match free of charge. Distribute some sort of supporting item of clothing (e.g. hats, scarves, headbands, etc.) to each juvenile club player. Ultimately they have to do something because the way things are going they are missing out on an ever growing number of potential players.

Alternatively they can build a wall along the Dublin boarder and give every child in the county a “Make Meath Great Again” hat.


Meath are finished, look at their club teams.

One win in the Leinster championship since 2007!

Their champions lost to the Louth champions this year.

Westmeath the no.2 county in Leinster now and that won’t be changing for a while I imagine.


Does still live in Ratoath? Glen O’Reilly Na Fianna was a similar transfer.


did his leaving cert from there anyways dont know where a lot of lads living now with College scholarships etc.

seems to move back in at u16 is the quieter way of doing it and I’m not approving of that, call me old fashioned but you should play adult where you played juvenile unless work and or personal relationships dicates a huge geographic move… but I know that’s idealistic


But you speak as if these young lads are being chased out the club gates by Mick Lyons brandishing a large cudgel. If the club is part of the social fabric of where they live (probably even more the case in country clubs than in Dublin) surely the fact that it is their local club is enough for them to buy into it??? The Meath Co Board surely do not need to go around bribing young lads living in Meath to consider playing for their county? How many lads might get a game for Meath or Kildare or Wicklow but would not make a Dublin 50?

And we slag Ireland about the grab a granny rule … :astonished:


Or even Make Meath Grate Again!


But from what I can see (and have seen for about 20 years) it isn’t. As my cousin told me about 15 years ago, "Walking through Ashbourne you are more likely to see a kid wearing a Dublin jersey than a Meath one"
I know people who have been born and raised in Meath, played for a Meath club all their lives, some of whom grew up in a period were Meath were a stronger county than us (late ninties), in some cases even had a Meath parent and they still choose to support Dublin. Something is wrong there and regardless of who is to blame, I think it is the job of the Meath CB to try and change things.

I would say that while I don’t mind if someone you grew up in another county declares for us (as long as they have strong ties to us),I would be appalled if the County Board went and actively recruited such players.


It’s one thing supporting Dublin but it’s another entirely living, going to school, getting coached and playing for a Meath club (probably thanks to MCB) all your life and then declaring for Dublin.


As far as I know, his dad & Charlie redmond were pushing for him to go to Isles he even spoke to managment last year, but I would not have a bad word to say about it regardless of what club he goes to it’s his choice at the end of the day.


the irony is the Meath team of the 80s and 90s was built on west of ireland migrants sons, Lyons, O’Malley, O’Rourke off the top of my head.

as a counter argument to Michael Deegan, one could equally say Terry Ferguson had stronger Dublin links than most lads but never bothered him playing for Meath


Is he from Dublin or Meath?


maybe if Meath were going well he would eb a meath man. I dont know the lad but some here seem to have assumed rathoath and ashbourne are inside the boundary now. Naas hurling going well underage , that might solve a few problems also


Paul Curran’s Dad Noel played for Meath


Curran would need a dail committee of his own to define his club…


Exactly, and that’s what differentiates Deegan’s case as he was born in Dublin and spent his early years in Dublin and was already a true blue Dub by the time he moved to Meath, even if it was at a relatively young age. Moving to and living in Meath does not make you a Meath man.

I met him briefly (when he was a first year minor - think he’d been a sub for Dublin minors) and told him he should join Maurs! I asked him about the Dublin/Meath thing and he said his father would kill him if he played for Meath!
He was joking of course…


As an economic refugee to Meath since 1995 and the kids were young when we moved I think it’s fair to say the lack of success fro them in the last 15 years has a lot to do with more Dubs jersies in the commuter town than Royals. My own kids “supported” Meath in primary school and had the visits from the county teams etc and the young lad played juvenile football all the way till U21 but would class himself as a Dub and since his early teenage years has gone to the Hill. If we was good enough for county standard I wouldn’t have had a problem with him togging out in green and shock to say it but I’d probably even cheer for him as well:wink: