Club Transfer


NO. That was the rumour at the time, as I said, if he wanted to move to Castleknock, nothing would have stopped him. He never (as far as I know) wanted to move to Castleknock.

There seems to be some people with a particular knife to grind on young Micheal. He was born in Dublin, went to primary school (for a time) and all of secondary school here in Dublin. He moved to Ashbourne temporarily some years back. He’s now back in Dublin. His dad played for Dublin, he wants to play for Dublin as there lies his heart!!! I can’t see why this is brought up time and again, unless there’s an ulterior motive?


What’s yours?


Bulmers. Thanks.


Could someone send me the link via PM or just post it in the thread ?


His football club is in Meath. That’s the issue for me


If his club was Bray, would you have the same issues?


Fair enough, and I see where you’re coming from, but that doesn’t mean he wants to play for Meath! There are quite a few fellas who play for Donaghmore or Ratoath who would declare for Dublin, and are in the same boat. Back in the day, we nearly had to sell up and county Meath was about the only affordable place within commuting distance for us. We dodged that bullet, thankfully and kept our Dublin home. The thoughts of any of my kids playing in the Mordor jersey appalled me. A fate close to death!!!


Yes. They should play for Wicklow then


I guess we’ll agree to disagree. Would you like your kids to play for another county if you had to move from Dublin after they were born?


I get the allegiance thing but similar to how I felt Rory McIlroy should have played golf for Ireland at the Olympics, they are trained and coached at club level by Meath clubs and (possibly) by a club GPO funded by the Meath Co Board (or Leinster Council on behalf of Meath).


It shouldn’t be a matter of liking or not. It should just be the way of it


Well, we’ll disagree so! I couldn’t cope with that at all! :disappointed_relieved:

I’d make him take up field hockey, get a gender transformation and move to Holland… Now there’s a sport I could get behind!


If everybody insisted on playing for their mother or father’s home county rather than where they lived we would be down a lot of All Ireland winners since 2011.


I agree. But no 2 situations are the same. He moved to Meath for a few years.

It’s very harsh IMO to begrudge him this move.


Begrudge hardly the right word? It’s more a comment on your last post. We have hosts of players with country parents who probably never wanted to move to Dublin but had to for work etc.

Thankfully they did not take the attitude that they didn’t want their kids to play with Dublin …


True, that was more aimed at previous posts, not yours.
As for the rest of your post, there are more compelling cases than others, I feel young Deegan’s is more so. As I said, no 2 cases are the same.


But the point remains. Do we want it both ways? If Dublin people move to Kildare, Meath, Wicklow etc we want any good players to declare for Dublin while Cian O’Sullivan, MDMA, CK, Dermo and a host of others with country parents should play for the Dubs.


What about the Dublin lads who have lived their whole life up here. Have only had 1 club. But play their football with Wicklow or Clare?


My point at the start was relating to Div 1 teams. I think it can only be a benefit for so called weaker counties.


It’s not about wanting it both ways. If a lad grows up in Dublin but wants to play for a county down the country because that is where he was born or where his parents are from, then I am fine with that.

What I wonder about is why is it that loads of children born to Dublin parents outside of the county (e.g. in Meath, Kildare, etc) support Dublin rather than the county they are in. The opposite of this rarely seems to occur. And I don’t think this is just a recent success thing, as I can remember it happening back in the late ninties and early 2000s when we were winning sweet f.a.