Club teams looking for New Managers


Would be getting serious dough from the Ravens backer too.


Not Margarets gpo any longer


I’m hearing Declan Patton is back in blue & white for 2019


So many clubs wear blue and white, can you be a bit less cryptic?


St annes I’m guessing as I think Macca is an Annes man


Correct Maxi , thought that was common knowledge :grin:


Did he manage Annes before?


He did. Not sure how he got on do, I guess ok if he’s going back


Micko had success with Kildare but don’t forget he brought in a few outside players. Would he have won Leinster titles without Karl O’Dwyer, Brian Lacey and Brian Murphy?


He did about 2/3 years ago.


Sure he done the same with Laois, Hadn’t won a title in 60 years or something- Got wicklow a first Championship win in years. Lots or mercanaries around the place but in fairness to Micko he gave that initial lift most places he went.


Is mc gonigale still with Maurs . Keith Barr Jason Ryan over brigids. Hard to see us getting back to glory days anytime soon . Just not enough coming through . Has round towers lusk got anyone . Seems to be a few teams this year still not sorted . Mark Byrne taken over o tooles I heard . Was very successful with brigids . Anyone confirm ??


Greg gone from Maurs


i thought Jason Ryan was involved with Cork footballers?


Have Lusk got new management yet?


Ye saw that last week . Don’t know how it will work but he is training lads . Was there last night


Jason Ryan 100% involved with Brigids


Some trip he makes from Waterford. A very good coach do.


All in the love of the game. :smile:


There isn’t a manager at top level of IC or club (non club members) who isn’t benefiting financially directly or indirectly.
That’s the reality now.
Some good guys out there but plenty of spoofers.