Club teams looking for New Managers


Indeed. And it’s worse at club level. And some of our own aren’t immune to chasing the money either. A dreadful state of affairs.


AFL 4 team in north county Dublin still looking for a manager. if interested let me know.


I believe round towers lusk are still looking for a new manager be a good club to be involved with good underage and senior team in place


I’d say a lot be wary after they dumped Patton after winning all they did


To be fair now a lot of clubs have dumped Patton he lasted only a month with castleknock and a few weeks with some other clubs so what’s that tell you


Hes a very good manager.
Castleknock didnt dump him it just didnt work out because he walked into an existing setup.


Lads can win together one year and part ways for the next it’s how it is…heard 6 fellas from last years Lusk panel have emigrated and all good players by all accounts…i think they have a local in mind but I’m open to correction by any of the Lusk lads here


Kildare and Micko? I wonder. They won leinster titles in about 70 years and he was manager for both! maybe not a good example?


Micko has been well worth any money where he has been. Gave success and lift to any number of counties he went and in fairness, he had a track record unlike alot of the current batch of mercenary spoofers.


Indeed. He wasn’t a spoofer. Mercenary on the other hand…


A chairde,
You can add Naomh Barróg Div 3 footballers to the list of teams looking for a manager! If anybody is interested in taking the reins of a team which was very close to promotion last year, losing out to Round Towers Lusk in the Inter Champo final and Div 3 playoff final please contact our secretary at

Is mise


Excellent opportunity there surprised nobody from within wants it


Joe Mc brearty is managing Ravens this year. Any relation to the Donegal senior player.?


No . From Donegal mind , did or maybe still Is training Donegals Dublin based players .

St Margaret’s GPO.


Think the Donegal to Dublin is finished, included a good few sligo lads as well.

Good trainer and been involved with DCU also.


Did he turn down down the Porto job? :wink:


Travelling made it tough to consider an offer :wink:


That’s odd he’s St Margarets GPO and Ravens manager are they not in the same league this year??


They are yep


Have seen some of his sessions very good coach