Club teams looking for New Managers


Paul Curran taken Celbridge job. Liam McHale selector with Naas. No shortage of money in kildare football.


Wow. I didn’t see that coming. A good gaffer, wish him all the best!


Believe Naas investing €300k into revamping of coaching structures across all levels.


Jesus, did they get a sugar daddy?


Always amazes me the money some clubs will shell for these globe trotting mercenaries.


Well if giving to likes of McHale that money will dry up fairly quickly. Have they a GPO?


I see Portobello looking for a manager has the legendary Tom Brennan retired ??


Don’t worry, Tom is still involved!


Anyone in the know (or have a list) of AFL1-4 teams which still have managerial vacancies??
…asking for a friend…:eyes:

Cant imagine there are too many not nailed down and with their 6 week, 48 step preseason plans in operation at this stage…
Step one…what are the new rules again?
Step two…no handpassing the whole of preseason.


None, The new (experimental) rules are not applicable in club football.


Thank god for that club football doesn’t need those rule changes




I may not have seen someone post the answers but did St Anne’s and RTL get someone?


I think Erins Isle are looking for a new manager


It seems that it is not easy to locate a quality candidate,
even with the prerequisite support^ in place**

^ read “funds”
** read “on offer”


Maybe clubs are wising up that more effective to spend money on developing their players than wasting money on outside 3rd party.
Why spend €20-25k getting relegated when any one of a dozen members will do it for free?


It’s a total scam at county level. Fools and their money etc.


I would be willing to manage any club into relegation for 10-15k!!!


Only 2 outside managers have won All Irelands football titles. Eugene McGee and John O’Mahony. You see counties complaining like Kildare about Dublin resources and yet they wasted hundreds of thousands on likes of Mick O’Dwyer and Kieran McGeeney. Worse managers like John Maughan, Banty, Luke Dempsey, Niall Carew and Tomas O’Flaherta have manged more than 2 counties and outside counties are still seeking them.


I’ve seen clubs in Clare bring in managers/trainers from Kerry, Limerick and Galway. Waste of clubs resources bringing in outsiders.