Club teams looking for New Managers


brigids confirm keith barr and Jason ryan ??


Is he not gone to Pats Donabate?


@patthefish said it was for “work reasons”?


A season like this year for Towers was coming no matter who took charge this year. The manager made some decisions through out the year which in turn lost the dressing room.


Would be a tough job to take, they will struggle to get out of div3


So basically the lads didn’t need a manager


Do Castleknock still have roughly the same panel who got to the Senior County Final a couple of years ago? Must be an attractive job for any manager if they do!


Peregrines have a fella called Kevin Barry I kid you not , not much point in googling him anyone throw some light on him ? Internal managers correct


From what I know same panel but are cleared out each summer by j1 visas , as a young club by en large a young panel


I didn’t hear that was he not over them before he went to fins?


That probably explains the form difference when it comes to Championship v League.


They also added Tomas McDaniels from Westmeath who is a very good inside forward, and maybe one or two others. They will be strong and Lar Norton took them to the final already, so getting him back is good for them. They always seem to do well in Championship.


Won’t be coaching anyone next year anyway I’m told.


Was he manager of Glenn Emmets from Louth?


Same as Mayo


Not quite…Lusk won! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don’t underestimate the importance of a manager. A bad one can completely derail a season regardless of players


Leave Jose alone …


Yeah that’s what I thought


This is true, patton has managed at a high level in club and knows what’s needed to compete.