Club teams looking for New Managers


agreed, I am not sure what standard folk expect at club level if Dessie isn’t considered top rank as club teams go. Jimmy McGuiness , Jack O’Connor maybe??!

A good appointment for Na Fianna in my view. be interesting to see how he gets on


Plus it was a very good tipp team . But some will have a go at Des no matter what he does .


I think maybe its more to do with him giving us the GPA


St Annes is looking for a new Manager for Afl3


Plunketts afl1
Syls afl2
Round towers Lusk afl2
Lucan afl1


Fingallians also looking for a new manager I hear


Did Castleknock get a new manager


Yeh heard that. Bit mad knightser leaving?


Lar Norton back in with Declan O Sullivan who was with Scoil last few years.


It’s due to personal reasons he stepped down


Ah right, sound bloke and did a great job there


Yeah done an outstanding job, afl3, inter champo and promotion to div1 all with in 3 years.


Heard the lad who was with lusk this year Patton was interviewed for Syls job last night.


Jaysus he gets around!


I could be wrong but I heard the lusk players voted him out because they felt he was overly strict albeit he done a great job


Heard that too.


Delivers the double and voted out by players. Gas.


Yeah, that one didn’t go well. But he is our most successful underage manager ever. Not all of the u21 teams that he took to Leinsters or All Irelands were particularly rated.


Heard the 21 game the day before their last game caused trouble as he didn’t want players playing in it and some did.


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