Club Officer position


With regard to various officer positions in your club (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO etc) do any of you have a time limit on how long an individual can hold a position or do you have a maximum length of tenure? I presume such a provision would be in your own club constitution and have been voted in at an AGM?

Any information or examples (especially with a pointer to relevant text) would be welcome.


I believe it’s down to the individual club and would have been a rule voted in at the AGM, I know in our club an officer can’t hold his position for more than 3 terms


You looking to get someone impeached ?


DT … :smirk:


Impaled, more like.


Not in our club, sure the secretary and PRO have been there since Methusla was a baby.

I think NaFianna have a time limit on presidency, but I heard that anecdotally. Our president is there for over 15 years now I’d say


President is usually an honorary type role though??

Na Fianna have a limit of 5 consecutive years on officers.


It’s 5 consecutive years here in Erin Go Bragh as well.


It’s a life sentence in Monica’s.