Club Minor Football 2017


If there are 3 teams tied on the same points does it go to score difference ?


Yes score difference if 3 teams tied once there are no walkovers head to head comes into play if 2 teams are tied


Na fianna 2-16 Davis 2-10


Lusk beat Clontarf in the A championship. Puts them into the quarters.


What if one team got a walkover from a team not in the equation ?


Judes beat Castleknock


Any walkover at all involving any team in line to qualify will result in a play ioff.


Under Dublin regulations where more than two are involved in a tie score difference from the games between the teams in the tie only is used to decide then tie. If a team gave a walkover in this situation they are out of the tie and are deemed to finish last.


Mary’s brigids and crokes B all finished on 4 points but Mary’s beat brigids,brigids bet crokes and Crokes bet Mary’s,Mary’s have the superior points different and both crokes and brigids received walkovers(heard that trinity forfeited to brigids this morning,could be wrong) I’m presuming this situation comes down to points difference between the 3 teams,can anyone tell me if I’m right


Who did they get the walkovers from? I don’t see any way that two of three teams can advance on score difference unless all games were played and all teams had an equal chance to run up their score difference. Unless it comes down to the score difference in the games involving the three teams only. But unless the Official Guide was changed I’m not sure thats allowed.




If St Marys, St Brigid’s and Kilmacud Crokes finished level score difference is calculated on three games only St Marys v St Brigids,
St Marys v Kilmacud Crokes
and St Brigids v Kilmacud Crokes.
Any games involving the 4th team, Trinity Gaels, are not included in score difference calculations.
Under rule in the official guide Counties may have their own regulations and this was agreed pre-season by DCB.


Excactly what I was thinking.all games between the three were played at least so I’m presuming the points difference from those games will be taken into account now


As long as all those games were played. The original post suggests there was more than one walkover. Hard to know without having all the facts.


Trinity gave 2 walkovers


My mistake forgot to mention trinity gave crokes a walkover on the first game of the group


Just to clarify, 3 teams finished on 4 points.

Team A beat team B and team C beat team A and team B beat team C.

So its score difference only between those 3 teams? Not overall including the team that finished 4th who all teams bet well and no walkovers?


Sorry see that response from Board delegate above, so I am right in saying that then, whos goof at maths?


Draws have been made.


Is it a secret?