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:flushed:this sounds like the greatest minor team ever



Minor A Football Championship Group 3
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03 Sep

Hyde Park Cuala 3-8 -0-11 Naomh Mearnog

I presume this is the wrong score? Mearnog could not have been beaten


You are right Lone Ranger, EP might be a factor…


Good win for lusk there flying after winning division 2.Also I seen st brigids first team were beaten handy by st Mary’s in the B championship?suprised at how much they’ve dropped since last years divison 1 or is it just most of last years team were second year minor ?


Ah lads leave it out only young lads, and your man is obviously an enthusiastic mentor/parent who is hugely proud of his team/club. Nothing wrong with that.


Sounds more like a Liverpool FC fan at the start of every season to me. Actually that is a bit insulting to Liverpool fans


Is it your little brother?


Jesus no that little prick can hardly put together a sentence never mind a whole paragraph :joy:


Who cares? He didn’t slag anyone off, just spoke about his own club. What’s the problem? Leave him at it.


TD, Na Fianna, Kilmacud will most likely be top 4, who the 4th team is, probably up for grabs by a few different teams.


TD v NAF will tell were both teams are at


why you calling me lone ranger ha


Sory bout that, eyesight not the best


Shit decision to have games on morning of all Ireland.
Away teams will be pushing it and ruins the build-up to match imo


Have to play them sometime. Ask to start at 10am or play Saturday. Minor hurling teams have had to do it the last number of years


Does anyone have an idea of dates for the knockout rounds of the championship? I presume it will be two weeks after the 3rd and final group game?


Will be week on week off with hurling until it’s over.


Crazy the morning of the AI, after all the giving out done when the hurlers clashed with a round of league fixtures
Very disrespectful


Couldn’t agree more. Driving up and down the m50 in the morning then making a mad dash towards Croker on the off chance I’ll pick up a ticket.


Mary’s beat trinity gaels 5-13 to 0-10 in the B championship