Club Minor Football 2017


Let’s wait and see. As I said get over this Sunday first!


Why do you have to be so contrarian Board? Everyone knows if we win on a Sunday those games won’t go ahead.


I don’t know with some people. There’s absolutely no doubt as to what’s going to happen if Dublin win. And the players know it already.


Do you live in Never Never Land ? We all know the score on this one


Any chance someone can post champo fixtures here? not on as far as I can see.


Well we can get in with it next Sunday now.

Electric Picnic to play havoc with teams!!!


Think the minor hurling championship starts first does it not ?it started last year on the weekend of electric picnic


No. Football first.


Quarter Finalist s/b TD, Na Fianna, Kilmacud , Judes, Boden Ballymun, Mearnog and Syls.


Should we just go ahead with them next week :smiley:


Pfft no, too many Mearnog lads at Electric Picnic!!!


Mearnog will most certainly be contenders as finalists, Hawkshaw and Bissett starters throughout the inter county campaign along with Nangle making appearances and O’Boyle a sure starter put through injury, aswell as Kavanagh up playing senior and staring in the 21s football campaign last year, at the back they’re a sturdy team with quick attacking wing backs aswell as Hoban the keeper being able to calm his players and pick out runners with good accuracy, forward line with good finishers and midfielders great at fielding, place kicking from Hawkshaw,Bissett and Kavanagh and maybe the likes of Hoban off the ground ( Popping 45’s away to cuala in the league) will definitely add heavily to the scoreboard, few were at EP I was hearing but rumour is they will be back?? But who knows


Davis 1-23 olafs 1-6


Castleknock 1-12 St Maurs 1-7.


Didn’t go well for them this morning.


Judes 1-8 Crokes 3-14


Lusk 1-09 Ballymun 1-07


Clontarf win today


5 of those 8 lost yesterday. Clontarf beating Boden, Whitehall beating Syls, Cuala beating Mearnog, Crokes beating Judes and Lusk beating Ballymun. Anything can really happen at Minor, great start for a lot of the Div 2 teams.


In fairness it just means you won’t be asking Suarez for the lotto at the weekend