Club Minor Football 2017


i doubt it. Na Fianna are comfortably the best side


Any other groups from B, C,D champo’s?


“A” football is the only one that counts

Minor B Football Championship Group 1
St Marys
St Brigids
Kilmacud Crokes
Trinity Gaels

Minor B Football Championship Group 2
Erins Isle
Ballinteer St Johns
St O. Plunketts ER

Minor B Football Championship Group 3
St Vincents
Skerries Harps
St Patricks (D)

Minor B Football Championship Group 4
St Annes
Templeogue Synge St
Fingal Ravens
Isle of the Sea

Minor C Football Championship Group 1
St Peregrines
Naomh Fionnbarra
Thomas Ashe

Minor C Football Championship Group 2
Ballyboden St Endas
Craobh Chiarain

Minor C Football Championship Group 3
Whitehall Colmcille
Na Fianna
St Patricks §

Minor C Football Championship Group 4
Round Towers ©
Good Counsel
Naomh Barrog

Minor D Football Championship Group 1
Geraldine P. Morans
Ballinteer St Johns
St Vincents

Minor D Football Championship Group 2
St O. Plunketts ER
Whitehall Colmcille
Thomas Davis

Minor D Football Championship Group 3
St Judes
St Peters
Naomh Mearnog
Kilmacud Crokes

Minor D Football Championship Group 4
Ballymun Kickhams
Lucan Sarsfields
Liffey Gaels

Minor E Football Championship Group 1
Na Fianna
St Patricks (D)
St Sylvesters (3)

Minor E Football Championship Group 2
St Sylvesters (2)
Kilmacud Crokes
Skerries Harps


Comfertably better than Thomas davis :confused: ?


Na Fianna Senior champions next year/decade or century…


Lucan beat na fianna Sunday, Thomas Davis div1 league winners


Thomas Davis will be serious force for championship, tough group for them and Na Fianna. Will Lucan or Olafs be anyway competitive against them ?


Great Achievement for them. Champo will be totally different once clubs have all their county hurling amd football players back do.


Just wondering did na fianna have any of there dubs playing for them against Lucan with the Derry game only around the corner ?


TD will be very hard bet, I have watched them a couple of times, Adam Fitzpatrick and Mark Nolan look serious upfront and have David Keogh coming back into it now after the Hurling is over. I was at Na Fianna Lucan, No Dublin players because of the game Sunday. Olafs TD are scheduled for the first game, that will determine who gets out of the group with Na Fianna I think anyway,


It would be good to see a club in the Tallaght region re-establish themselves as a driving force in Dublin GAA. The area is too big to be forsaken.


Went out to the game Na Fianna had no Dubs playing, hurlers or footballers. Lucan had their Dub hurlers playing (Emmet Allen, Ben Coffey, Luke Walsh), but not Harry Ladd who is with the footballers, didn’t recognise many others playing.


Brilliant for Thomas Davis as well, if I remember correctly there was talk at the start of this thread about the merits of them being Division One, they were answered anyway.


True but I think everyone agreed at the time that it would have been a ridiculous decision.


Fixtures released today.

1st round SUN 3rd .

I assume this will change if we beat Derry on Sunday.


It will. Certainly for anyone with a player on the team. In fact the next three weeks will likely be gone as well and the minor championships won’t start until 1st October.


Has that been confirmed Alan, or is it an assumption on your part??


It’s what has been done every year since time immemorial.

Are you telling me minor teams will be forced to field for championship without their players?

If Tom Gray allows players to play on the 3rd then fair play to him. It’ll be a first. But at least one squad player told me that if they win Sunday they won’t be playing on the 3rd.


I’d be amazed if any discussion has taken place between the minor management and the minor players about plans for September 3rd at this stage. You probably should take what you were told with a pinch of salt. Let’s get past next Sunday first.


I doubt the young lad imagined the conversation but there you go.

It’s a fair assumption, based on past experience, that if we win then both codes will be put on hold. If they’re not, as already noted, it’ll be a first.